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I know right? It’s like the current trend, talking shit about their Country like the rest of the World is tooootally perfection made real. I come from a Country were same-sex marriage will likely never see the light of day and some cities are like hellholes of criminality. Lately I’ve been appreciating Americans who can be ironic and even brutally honest about their Country without spewing shit all over it, a lot more.

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I’ll be glad to settle for Permanent Residency if I ever get there (I’m working on it). At the rate things are changing, it’s gonna be nearly impossible to even come to Canada for tourism. My parents are coming to visit next month and I’ve had to instruct them how to answer the questions at the border because Canadian authorities have become super suspicious. And Canada NEEDS foreign workers.


bridge in zilker park by Sam Scholes on Flickr.



【ヘタリア】とまと詰め by: いたわさ

**permission to upload this was given by the artist**


Chattanooga and the Tennessee River

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REBLOG if you are hella bored and wouldn’t mind some curious anons.

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I was totally not listening to gross love songs on 8tracks while drawing this pffft

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